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MEatSCHOOL is a different type of vocational training school, set up to impart the beef culture. A comprehensive training programme dedicated to a vast range of professionals working in the food/meat industry throughout the supply chain: from breeding to the abattoir, from processing cuts to preparation. Our courses are also suitable for enthusiasts with an interest in the world of meat.

The training opportunities include:

General beef operator course;

Sectioning and deboning course;

Beef buying course;

Beef selling course;

Communication and marketing course, specific to the meat sector;

Beef cooking methods/preparation course;

Waiting staff training course, with a specific focus on beef;

Ability to manage courses with customized modules;


UNIKA® products are distributed in over 30 countries around the world, where cultures and habits differ greatly. But today, we know that cooking is a blend of culinary experiences and sensations, which is why UNIKA® has decided to create a PROFESSIONAL COMMUNITY – a place where chefs can meet up, discuss and exchange views, get to know each other and share their passion for meat and love for cooking and for their profession.

Veal fillet and Dubrovnik Malvasija Sauce (Nautika restaurant)


This ancient food – meat – is enjoyed by most men and women worldwide. However, it is important to be familiar with it to fully appreciate it and know how and where to enjoy it. We believe that product quality and wholesomeness wins over quantity, which is why the MEatSCHOOL cultural and technical advanced courses are dedicated to meat lovers who do not work professionally in the food industry. And, in the near future, a special UNIKA® COMMUNITY will also be set up to discover the restaurants where you can savour it.




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